Meet the Bloggers
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You too can be on Meet the Bloggers by submitting a video question for our guest.

It's simple, here's how:

    Video questions for our guests. Submit yours!
  1. Film yourself asking a question in a well lit room. Try to limit any background noise and please do not add music to your video. Look directly into the camera and try to frame your shot similar to this:
    You can even use your webcam. On the YouTube upload page, enter your video title and description, as well as the tag MeetTheBloggers. Then click on Use Quick Capture.
    Then click Allow in the Adobe Flash Player settings.
    You should then see yourself in the video window. Click the record button to begin. When you're done, hit the publish button. If you used a webcam to record your video, skip to step 3 below.
  2. Upload your video to YouTube. Please add the tag MeetTheBloggers.
  3. Send your YouTube video to us by clicking on the Send Video link under your video and entering (meetthebloggers) in the To field. Make sure to include the parenthesis. Then click "Send".
  4. You're done!
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