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War Profiteering
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Meet the Bloggers for October 10th Replay live blog

Celebrated Actor and filmmaker John Cusack will be our special guest this Friday to discuss an issue neither presidential candidate is talking about: war profiteering.  War, Inc., Cusack's latest film which he starred in and co-wrote with Jeremy Pikser and Mark Leyner, satirized the outsourcing of military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Cusack will discuss  his thoughts on the war and his influences for the film, including the works of Naomi Klein and Jeremy Scahill.  

Joining Cusack will be bloggers Marcy Wheeler (Empty Wheel) and Liliana Segura (AlterNet), and this week, we have a special announcement.  Since Meet the Bloggers will be pre-taped, these bloggers will take part in the live blog discussion.  

So check out some of the material below, and join us for a live conversation with bloggers Wheeler and Segura Friday at 1pm ET/10 am PT on Meet the Bloggers.

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