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The Economic Bailout
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Meet the Bloggers for September 24th SPECIAL EDITION!
Join us live at 2:30 pm ET/11:30am PT today, when we bring you a special episode of Meet the Bloggers featuring House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  The economic meltdown will be the topic of today's show, and Speaker Pelosi will discuss the $700 billion Bush-Paulson bailout plan.

Speaker Pelosi will be joined by bloggers Roberto Lovato (Of America) and Matthew Yglesias (Think Progress).  Both have written extensively about the bailout, and they will talk about the dire need to amend Paulson's plan to benefit taxpayers and victims of the financial crisis, as well as calls for strong regulation and public oversight to prevent another crisis like this from recurring.

The economic meltdown and Bush's shock and awe bailout plan are happening so quickly this show simply could not wait until Friday.  Check out some of the articles below to get informed about how the proposed bailout will affect Wall Street and Main Street.  Then, join us for the discussion live today at 2:30 pm ET/11:30am PT.

If you missed a previous episode of Meet the Bloggers, you can find them in the archives.

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