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Discussing: The Economy
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August 22nd
Michael Moore
Read an excerpt from Mike's Election Guide where he calls on Obama to denounce him.
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Meet the Bloggers for August 15th, 2008 Replay live blog
Read follow-up blogs from Amanda Logan on how spiraling prices and stagnant wages are battering the American dream, and ideas for reviving the middle class. Isaiah Poole also posts a follow-up blog on Bernie Sanders call for a revolution to reverse the collapse of the middle class.

Guest Sen. Bernie Sanders will be joined by our panel of bloggers, including Isaiah Poole (TomPaine.com) and Amanda Logan (Center for American Progress), as we debate how to fix the economy and end the current class war. Below are some articles that Sen. Sanders and our bloggers will be analyzing. Read up and ask our guests informed questions on the economy using the live blog feature when the show is live.

If you missed last weeks show with Darcy Burner, you can watch it here.

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