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December 12th on Meet the Bloggers
Mike Farrell
Mike Farrell is best known for playing Captain B.J. Hunnicutt in the popular series M*A*S*H. His eight years with the show allowed him the opportunity to write and direct several episodes, earning him nominations for Director's Guild and Emmy Awards.

Beyond the film industry, Mike is a very active and outspoken citizen, promoting human rights and opposing the death penalty.

In 2002, Mike was elected First Vice President of the Screen Actors Guild in Los Angeles and served three years in that capacity.

In 2004 he received the Donald Wright Award from California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, only the third time in its 28-year history that the award has been presented to a recipient who was neither a lawyer nor a judge.

In his spare time Mike loves to read, spend time with his wife and kids and enjoys cross-country motorcycling. His bike trips have crisscrossed, amongst others, the US, Canada, Australia and Europe.

Jonathan Kim
Jonathan Kim is a co-producer and blogger at FOX Attacks! and Brave New Films under his nom de guerre, DJK. Before joining Brave New Films in May of 2007, Jonathan worked as a ranch hand on a small ranch in Santa Barbara wine country, where his duties included general maintenance, gardening, and tending the ranch's goats, zebras and chickens. During his three and a half years there, Jonathan also produced and directed several documentaries with the Santa Ynez Chumash tribe, as well as a series of anti-recruitment ads. Prior to that, Jonathan attended the Vancouver Film School and worked as a copywriter and hand model for the Sharper Image. Jonathan graduated from Haverford College with a degree in sociology.
Liliana Segura
Liliana Segura is a staff writer and associate editor at AlterNet.org, where she is in charge of Rights & Liberties and War on Iraq Special Coverage. In addition to AlterNet, she has written for The Nation and TheNation.com, among other publications, and previously worked as a program associate at The Nation Institute, focusing largely on Nation Books. Her areas of interest range from the American death penalty to Colombian politics, to anti-war organizing and activists of all stripes. She is on the board of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty and a contributing writer to its newsletter, The New Abolitionist. She lives in Brooklyn.
Bryna Subherwal
Bryna Subherwal is the Individuals at Risk Campaigner for the Americas. In this position she leads the development and implementation of campaign strategies for individual cases of human rights abuses throughout Latin America, the US, and Canada. Bryna worked with a number of programs, including New Media, Outreach and Training, and Government Relations. Prior to joining AIUSA, Bryna worked as a Program Coordinator at the United Nations Association in New York, and before that she worked with the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs at the UN. Bryna speaks Spanish and Portuguese, and holds an M.A. from Yale University and a B.A. from Smith College.
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