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November 14th on Meet the Bloggers
Anna Burger
Anna Burger was named one of the 100 Most Powerful Women in 2006 and called "the most powerful woman in the labor movement" by Fortune Magazine. She’s a top ranking officer at SEIU - the nation's largest and fastest growing union - and the first chair of America's newest labor federation, Change to Win.

Breaking with tradition is nothing new for Burger; in the 1970'-80's she was out front on picket lines, anti-war protests and feminist rallies. She played a significant role in SEIU's recognition of choice as a key issue for women's health, and most recently, has been a passionate advocate for comprehensive immigration reform. Throughout her career, she has pushed labor to deepen its commitment to equality for all.

Burger began her career in 1972 as a rank-and-file Pennsylvania state caseworker and union activist before her election as SEIU Local 668's first female president. She moved on to run the statewide political program and later became SEIU's national field director. She has been an active delegate to the Democratic National Convention since 1984 and has worked on the party's platform. She resides in Washington, D.C., with her husband, their daughter.

Todd Beeton
Todd Beeton is an Los Angeles-based blogger and online activist. Beeton blogs at MyDD.com and is an Online Organizer for the Courage Campaign, a California-based progressive organization. Beeton has been blogging since 2004 when he turned an e-mail newsletter into a blog covering the Democratic National Convention. His focus turned to California politics in 2006 when he became Content Director for Courage Campaign and front-page contributor at Calitics.com. As an editor and blogger at MyDD since 2007, he's been blogging the election from a national perspective and can't quite believe it's over.
Satyam Khanna
Satym Khanna is an Assistant Editor for the Progress Report and Think Progress at American Progress. Satyam holds a bachelor’s degress in biology and political science from Washington University in St. Louis. Prior to joining the Center, he worked as a field organizer for Jeff Smith’s Missouri Senate campaign and a researcher for Claire McCaskill’s U.S. Senate race, both in St. Louis. He is also an alumnus of the Washington Leadership Program of the Indian-American Center for Political Awareness. Satyam hails from Edmond, Oklahoma.
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