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October 10th on Meet the Bloggers
John Cusack
John Cusack is an American film actor and writer. He won the 1990 Most Promising Actor CFCA Award for Say Anything..., the 1998 Favorite Supporting Actor Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Con Air, and the 2000 Commitment to Chicago Award.

Cusack is fiercely protective of his private life; he has said that "celebrity is the worst thing that can happen to an actor". Since May 2005, he has been an occasional contributing blogger at The Huffington Post, including interviewing Naomi Klein. He has written extensively on his opposition to the war in Iraq and his disdain for the Bush administration, calling their worldview "depressing, corrupt, unlawful, and tragically absurd". He also starred in a June 2008 MoveOn.org ad where he makes the claim that George Bush and John McCain have the same governing priorities.

Liliana Segura
Liliana Segura is a staff writer and associate editor at AlterNet.org, where she is in charge of Rights & Liberties and War on Iraq Special Coverage. In addition to AlterNet, she has written for The Nation and TheNation.com, among other publications, and previously worked as a program associate at The Nation Institute, focusing largely on Nation Books. Her areas of interest range from the American death penalty to Colombian politics, to anti-war organizing and activists of all stripes. She is on the board of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty and a contributing writer to its newsletter, The New Abolitionist. She lives in Brooklyn.
Marcy Wheeler
Marcy Wheeler is the author of Anatomy of Deceit, a short primer on the pre-war intelligence and the CIA Leak. She blogs under the name "emptywheel" at FireDogLake and live-blogged the Scooter Libby trial. In her accounts, she was careful to describe her entries as "not a transcript." Nevertheless, such bloggers' eye-witness accounts served as sources of reliable information about the trial for their readers. During the trial, she appeared on camera in video reports posted online on PoliticsTV.com. She has a PhD from University of Michigan relating to politics and journalism. Marcy lives in Michigan, where she works as a business consultant.
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