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Meet the Bloggers is a live online video show created by Brave New Foundation which is broadcast online every Friday focusing on unconventional political opinion and analysis. Affiliate blogs include The Huffington Post, Think Progress, Alternet, Jack & Jill Politics and Of América. When not live, shows will be made available on-demand on meetthebloggers.org, as well as iTunes, and RSS Feeds. In addition to its web distribution, Meet The Bloggers will be televised on FreeSpeechTV and Link TV. Meet the crew behind the show.
Cenk Uygar
Cenk Uygur is host of The Young Turks, the first ever live, daily web television talk show. The Young Turks have partnership deals with AOL, YouTube, Air America and Tidal TV on the web. The show is also carried 8-10AM EST on XM Satellite Radio on America Left, XM167.

Cenk Uygur is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania - Wharton School of Business and Columbia University Law School. He worked as a lawyer, television writer and television host before starting The Young Turks. Cenk also blogs on Huffington Post, Politico and AOL Newsbloggers.

Robert Greenwald
Robert Greenwald is the president of Brave New Films and Brave New Foundation. BNF’s short, viral videos, such as Fox Attacks! Obama and The Real McCain series, have been viewed by tens of millions of people online and have moved hundreds of thousands to take action. Greenwald is also the director/producer of feature-length film documentaries including Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers and Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism.
James Spooner
James Spooner is most well known for his award winning documentary Afro-Punk. James also has a narrative feature currently on the festival circuit, White Lies Black Sheep and another script in the marketplace. There’s a lot of other stuff that might impress you but if you really were interested you would have googled him. You can read his blog at the5thdoor.com.
Pamela Ezell
Pamela Ezell is a producer at Brave New Foundation. She has wanted to work for Robert Greenwald ever she saw Outfoxed. A few months ago, she 'friended' Robert on Facebook, noticed he was hiring at Brave New Foundation, and here she is. Go social networking. For several years, she was on the faculty at Chapman University, where she also earned an MFA. A consummate news junkie, a wannabe blogger, and a producer of public television programming, documentaries, and mobile media, Pamela is thrilled to be using every tool in the viral digital arsenal to further the cause of progressive politics. She also likes hummus.
Ofelia Yanez
Ofelia Yanez was born in Mexico City and raised in Dallas, TX. Ofelia moved to L.A. a year ago, and has recently established her production company, Oyla Productions which will aim to create art and music events, as well as films, a blog site, and other projects in which people can unite and create in a safe environment. She is currently a production assistant at Brave New Foundation's Meet The Bloggers and continues to educate herself to further develop her theatrical, writing, and producing skills.

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